The life cycle of a Facial.

Skin care professionals say its good to have a facial every 4-6 weeks. Typically the average person has one every 4-6 months. Facials, just like any treatments have many benefits other than just making your skin radiate and feel soft. Facials promote...

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What’s Toxic in your body?

Every day we are exposed to different toxins. Environmental, processed foods, alcohol, pollutions and more. Our bodies harbor and save onto these toxins and omit them when the body is less acidic, so that we may sweat them our or flush them through waste...

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Closter phobic in the Steam Sauna?

I have the thing just for you! Love the benefits of the steam sauna, but cannot stand more than 10 minutes in the think air gasping for a breath? The Redfusion O2 capsule is just what you have been looking for. 30 minutes of complete steam and radiant heat...

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Got Detox?

People who suffer from the usual tension headaches, insomnia, high blood pressure, allergies, stress and even the common cold. To those who suffer from chronic illnesses, skin concerns, weight problems, or even just need muscle recovery. Infrared sauna’s...

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